The first thing you should know about me, before I even tell you my name is, I am not a writer. I spent over an hour looking at other blogs for examples on how to even write this section. The consensus seems to be that I should be telling you things about myself that give you a reason to read my blog, which I am finding out appears to be impossible without sounding like I am writing a dating profile.

What you should know about me…. I am 26, my day job is a Financial Planner (hence the myriad of disclosures through my blog and articles), I have been in the Financial Services industry over 6 years. I live in the Barossa Valley in South Australia and have lived here my whole life.

If you were to ask my closest friends what is the best way to describe me, they would likely tell you I am outgoing, friendly and have an extremely addictive personality. If you were to ask my girlfriend and mother, they’d tell you I am stubborn. I like to think of myself as motivated, driven and passionate about everything I pursue. A combination of these personality traits is why I think this blog can help people, my stubbornness and addictive personality give me the ability to commit to different topics and find out everything I feel I need to know, my passion and outgoing personality gives me a reason to share my knowledge.

My 2 biggest passions are Finance and Health/Fitness, which are the 2 topics which inspired me to write this blog.

I have always been active and energetic, but it wasn’t until about 6 years ago that I became ‘serious’ about Health and Fitness. Like everyone else, I got into this crazy world of fitness having no idea what I was doing, but after many years and thousands of hours of effort and reading I feel I have gotten to a place where I am at my most efficient without compromising my mental state or lifestyle.

On the surface, what I get paid to do is give people Financial Advice, everything ranging from basic budgets to comprehensive long term retirement strategies and everything in between. But I strongly believe my job is about far more than that, it is about understanding what people want to achieve and how I can help them get there. I am far from a perfect example of ‘good’ financial decisions, especially looking back at some of the choices I made when I was younger. But what I do hope to achieve in this blog is provide basic information to help others achieve their goals, whether it be financial, fitness related or neither!

I encourage anyone reading my blog to ask questions, about me or my articles. You won’t always like the answer you get and in some situations, legally, I can’t answer them but I will always do what I can do help where I can.

By the way, my name is Jeshua Miller.