Bodybuilding Supplements – Are They Worth It?

This blog prides itself on keeping things simple, so if you don’t want to read the whole article, then the short answer is ‘No’, Supplements are not worth it. The longer answer is ‘Maybe’, read on to find out why.

A college students favourite source of information, Wikipedia, describes supplements as follow: ‘A dietary supplement is intended to provide nutrients that may otherwise not be consumed in sufficient quantities’. Which leads me to my first point…

You can’t ‘out-supp’ laziness or a shitty diet

Before you even think about taking supps, ask yourself if you’re putting in 100% elsewhere. If you’re lazy in the gym or lazy with your diet, why even bother with supplements? Putting the extra effort in the gym or sticking to your diet will pay tenfold over taking a few supplements.

Treat supplements as an extra boost or a ‘plus one’ if you will. Allow me to use a shitty analogy! You’re invited to a wedding, going solo is lame, going with a plus one is less lame. By taking supplements with a shitty diet, you’re sending your ‘plus one’ to the wedding, without going yourself… Now that’s extra lame!

If it’s legal, it’s not very effective

Anabolic steroids ‘work’, DNP and Clen ‘work’, why? Because they cause the body to achieve something that cannot be achieved naturally. Everything that pushes you past what your body can handle will have side effects, and anything with ‘dangerous’ side effects will quickly be banned.

We all have differing opinions on ‘dangerous’. Take DMAA for example, it was in every Pre-Workout before 2012. Then it became popular to mix with alcohol, a few kids ended up in hospital and so they banned it. DMAA can be used relatively safely as long as it’s in moderation, but even then it still got banned. What does this say about legal supplements? We know to achieve substantial ‘gains’, we need to push the body past what it can achieve naturally and anything that achieves this is subsequently deemed ‘dangerous’ and banned.

Cost vs Reward

I’ve been ripping on supplements so far, but that doesn’t mean they are completely useless. The article is titled ‘are they worth it’, not ‘do they work?’. Supplements can be taken safely and they can give you that extra few percent boost. But to achieve this, your supplement stack will be longer than a DIYers Bunnings receipt. By the time you take Creatine, Protein Powder, a Multi-Vitamin, Pre-Workout, Intra-Workout, Post-Workout, Test Boosters, Glutamine, Fish Oil etc etc etc, you’re spending HUNDREDS of dollars per month. As a casual lifter wanting to get in shape and be healthy, is this really worth it? Bill Gates kids say ‘yes’, Uni kids on a Mi Goreng diet, say ‘no’.

Professional Athletes and Natural Bodybuilders

Those who compete professionally, mainly in natural bodybuilding need every tiny ‘edge’ they can get. That few hundred per month to gain that 2% benefit could be the difference between first and second on the stage. For that purpose, yes, supplements are worth it. But those that are in the shape to be considering competing already know this and aren’t reading this article.

Final Thoughts

Supplements are for rich kids and professional bodybuilders! No, but seriously. As a casual lifter, supplements just aren’t worth it, spend the money on investing in your future or taking your mum out for breakfast. For those a little more serious about lifting, make sure that your diet and training are optimal before even considering supplements. For the pros, keep doing your thing, by now you know what works and what doesn’t.

Disclaimer: This article does not take into account your current physical condition or medical background, please consult a doctor or physician before beginning any diet or exercise routine.

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