NBN Alternatives – Why Are We Not Funding This?

This is more of a question to the knowledgeable, rather than an informative article, but it’s something that’s been grinding me gears and I needed to ask!

Like most young Australians I was pretty excited at the prospect of the NBN when it was first announced. As time went on that excitement started to deteriorate (almost directly in line with my ADSL2+ speeds). Now I won’t go into full details but with an ADSL 2+ connection peaking at 1-3mbps, I needed to seek other means of internet. After months of back and forth with Telstra (and the TIO!) I was lucky enough to be given 150gb of Mobile Broadband internet free of charge. Wow oh wow, was this something else, with excellent matching hardware I was able to reach speeds of 170+ mbps, this is nearly TWICE the maximum speed of the NBN. Which got me begging the question and the one I want answered… Why are we not funding this? Why, why do we persist with NBN when there is already technology we have full access to providing speeds 2-4 times faster off your average FTTN connection.


Whilst I am relatively tech savvy, I am far from an expert on telecommunication technologies. Is there a reason we are persisting with NBN? I understand that a normal monthly 50gb plan is upwards of $130 per month which isn’t viable for most, at that speed you’d knock off your entire monthly data allowance in less than an hour. Is there a reason it’s so expensive? Is the technology expensive to distribute? If it is, why? It requires no cables to the home like it’s NBN counterpart and already services a large portion of Australia.

Why are we not funding this

Would love to hear comments and input from those with a better understanding of the NBN than me!

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