No Bullsh*t Guide to Nutrition and Diet – Be an Adult, not an Idiot

Everyone wants to be healthy, feel good and look good. But the hardest part is ‘what can/should I be eating’, that question is made especially hard with all the contradicting and overcomplicated information out there.

It happens all too often, dearest Clarice goes online, reads up a little on what she ‘should’ do, then asks her friends and family on Facebook ‘How do I lose weight? What should I do?’. This always follows with dozens of ‘anecdotal evidence’ responses, everything from ridiculous diets, avoiding certain foods, exercising at certain times, following an Instagram models routine etc etc etc. Often these responses end up contradicting each other, end in arguments and will leave Clarice more confused and frustrated than before she even asked the question. So what can or should Clarice do? My tip, read this article and feel good knowing it doesn’t need to be that hard!

First things first, we are all adults, we don’t need to be told eating McDonalds and Chocolate all day is going to make us fat and unhealthy, because we already know this. But judging by spending 5 minutes on any food or diet blog and reading the comments, what we do need to be told is ‘everything’ is okay in moderation. If you take anything away from this article, let it be ‘moderation’. 99% of diets out there restrict you from eating certain foods, this is not logical or ‘safe’. It is okay to eat McDonalds, just don’t eat it all the time, it is okay to eat chocolate, just don’t eat it all the time. It’s actually not okay to eat nothing but broccoli! The textbook diet of those looking to eat healthy has always been ‘chicken and rice with broccoli’, it’s been popular among bodybuilders for decades, it appears to be what every Instagram model eats to stay in shape (when they’re not downing Macca’s between photo shoots). Not only are diets like these unsustainable, they’re actually unhealthy. ‘Bro Diets’ as they are commonly known, have been shown to result in Vitamin D and Calcium deficiency1, not a diet worth aspiring to.

What does this mean for me and how should I go about my ‘diet’?

To be honest, the most blatant advice I can give is, be an adult, not an idiot! I have always felt the need to publish a book called ‘The Perfect Weight Loss Guide’ and have one large letter on each page, finally spelling out ‘EAT IN MODERATION AND EXERCISE’. Ignore the fad diets, save your money on the bullsh*t supplements or products that you ‘must have to kick start weight loss’ and focus on the basics. Simply, be an adult, eat vitamin and mineral rich food but still enjoy life’s luxuries from time to time. You’ll know if you have this balance wrong.

Look back on your past dieting efforts, how many times can you count that you started some fad diet and it became unsustainable and demoralising long term. Sure, it worked while you were on it, but at the cost of your mental state, which ended in you relapsing back into old habits and back to square one.

I don’t need to tell you which foods are vitamin and mineral rich, you’re an adult, you already know this, eat most of these things! I don’t need to tell you which foods are lacking in vitamins and minerals, you’re an adult, you already know this, eat less of these things! Combine the two, voila, the diet side of getting into shape is sorted. The only other thing worth mentioning would be how much to eat, follow the basic rule ‘eat until you’re not hungry, not until you’re full’.

There are no shortcuts, there are no miracle weight loss drugs (not legal ones anyway), commit to changing your lifestyle long term and accept that these things take time.

That’s it!

You’re probably reading this article thinking ‘well there wasn’t much to that’. If so, good! That is the goal of ‘No Bullsh*t Basics’, to focus on the important 20% of what you can do to get you 80% of the results. Is there more to it than this? Absolutely, but those concerning themselves with something as basic as ‘getting into shape’, do not need to concern themselves with optimal levels of macronutrients to maximise lean muscle gain and performance. Once you feel you are ‘in shape’, then begin to expand your knowledge and fine tune your routine and diet to strive for that extra 20% in results. Until then, keep it simple!




Disclaimer: This article does not take into account your current physical condition or medical background, please consult a doctor or physician before beginning any diet or exercise routine.



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